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Searching for a rental can be a challenge. With a limited inventory, having an advocate by your side becomes crucial—someone equipped with extensive experience and insights into the estate rental market, local neighborhoods, schools, and communities.

It’s worth noting that our Local Santa Barbara MLS automatically populates and numerous real estate sites. However, ZILLOW has opted out of the free feed, requiring a payment for rental advertisements on their platform, including ZILLOW, TRULIA, and HOTPADS. For a seamless auto search experience, consider saving one with and another with

Be advised if a house sounds “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE” it probably is a SCAM and you should report it. Also note that many homes advertised for our beautiful area are not long term and are only available select dates or for short term leases.

If you find a luxury home that you would like more info on shoot me an email, and I can typically provide you with the inside scoop!


When gearing up to lease, be prepared. Local landlords typically request standard items from tenants, including the APPLICATION TO RENT, PROOF OF FUNDS (10-18 months’ rent reserve), a recent CREDIT REPORT, and a BACKGROUND CHECK conducted through

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