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Leasing Services


Longer-term rentals, 3 months to 1+ years, make up the majority of my inventory. These services include; personalized description of your property, complete with a list of rates, amenities, and professional digital photographs, for excellent representation on the web and print. Additionally with owners assistance, a property checklist will be made for upkeep of maintenance, cleaning guidelines and a detailed house book with your service vendors and utility info for your future tenants.
Furnished homes to be cataloged by the owner.

  • Marketing: From digital media to search engine optimization, advertising solutions are proven & effective.Y our property will be showcased online at, Santa Barbara MLS, Craigslist, Zillow,, Trulia,, HotSpots,, Googlebase, backpage, oolde, yahoo and many more… Print advertising is case by case.
  • Showings, Tenants, Contract: Present your property to rental prospects, conduct a thorough tenant verification and credit/criminal screening prior to any rental using mysmartmoves, execute a draft rental/lease agreement, edit as needed and send the final lease out via docusign for all parties to sign. Once tenant takes occupancy, we follow up on Tenants move-in condition inspection of the property as well as proof of renters insurance. All move in funds and security despots are sent from Tenant directly to Landlord.


  • Booking fee is 6-8% of the total lease rental income for leases lasting six months or more.
  • Booking fee for leases 3-6 months is 10% of the total lease rental income.
  • Booking fee for leases 1-3 months is 12% of the total lease rental income.
  • If a fixed-term lease is executed and is extended or renewed, the owner is obligated to pay compensation of 6% of the total rent income. Payment is due upon such extension or renewal.

Each property and owner may differ on the level of services needed. So please call for a RENTAL EVALUATION and estimated fees associated.


Short-term rentals provide a lucrative income for many of our property owners. The summer months of July and August and winter months for snowbirds (January – March) traditionally bring the highest traffic, though the “off-season” and holidays have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Services for short-term rentals include:

  • Advertising and marketing your home on various websites and within the Local Real Estate community.
  • Booking and rental reservations.
  • Cleaning Services: Housekeepers assist in keeping properties stocked with the basics (toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, etc) They also will report any noticeable damage.
  • Meet vacationers at check in, typically within the first 24 hours.

Contact point for vacationers during and leading up to their stay.


  • The fee for vacation rentals under 31 days is 15% of the total lease rental income.
  • Booking fee for leases 1-3 months is 12% of the total lease rental income.
  • Booking fee for leases 3-6 months is 10% of the total lease rental income.

WE DO NOT NOT operate a trust account. Payments are made directly to the owner.

  • For first-time clients, a start-up fee of $500 may apply. These funds are used for a property profile packet, website uploading & vrbo accounts.

Any rental booked for less than a month is subject to City/County of Santa Barbara Transient Occupancy Tax (10-12%) IF zoning allows for short term (less than 30 day bookings), the Property Owner will be responsible in researching the rules and regulations of the CITY/COUNTY and paying the monthly TOT tax to the county or city entity. MontecitoRental a website run by Crysta Metzger of COLDWELL BANKER REALTY is not responsible for collecting or maintaining any monies incurred by this tax.

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