Crysta Metzger of ColdwelI Banker Realty created the website to showcase homes in Montecito, Hope Ranch, Riviera and Estate type properties for lease in the Santa Barbara area. When developing her business model for success in the Real Estate community back in 2003 she was surprised at the amount of Realtors that did NOT assist their clients with rentals. She was continually the

go-to gal for agents that needed help finding homes for their clients or Leasing out their fine estates on a short or long term basis. This network continued to grow with local Estate Attorney referrals,  Insurance Relocation referrals and word of mouth.  Although Crysta represents Sellers, Buyers and several project type investors consecutively receiving the Top Awards within Coldwell Banker Internationally, she continues to devote a good portion of her time to helping those in the Tenant and Landlord division of the field. Her inventory is exclusively selected to maintain high standards with properties ranging from $10,000 to $100,000+ per month.    

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Longer-term rentals, 3 months to 1+ years, make up the majority of my inventory. These services include;  personalized description of your property, complete with a list of rates, amenities, and professional digital photographs, for excellent representation on the web and print.  Additionally with owners assistance, a property checklist will be made for upkeep of maintenance, cleaning guidelines and a detailed house book for your future tenants. 

Furnished homes to be cataloged by the owner.

  • Marketing: From digital media to search engine optimization, advertising solutions are proven & effective.Y our property will be showcased online at, Santa Barbara MLS,  Craigslist, Zillow,, Trulia,, HotSpots,, Googlebase, backpage, oolde,  yahoo and many more... Print advertising is case by case.

  • Showings, Tenants, Contract: Present your property to rental prospects, conduct a thorough tenant verification and credit/criminal screening prior to any rental, execute a rental/lease agreement, follow up on Tenants move-in condition inspection of the property as well as proof of renters insurance, and assist in the delivery of first months rent and security deposit.


  • Booking fee is 6-8% of the total lease rental income for leases lasting six months or more.

  • Booking fee for leases 3-6 months is 10% of the total lease rental income.

  • If a fixed-term lease is executed and is extended or renewed, the owner is obligated to pay compensation of 6% of the total rent income.  Payment is due upon such extension or renewal.


Each property and owner may differ on the level of services needed. So please call for a RENTAL EVALUATION and estimated fees associated.


Short-term rentals provide a lucrative income for many of our property owners. The summer months of July and August traditionally bring the highest traffic, though the “off-season” and holidays have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Services for short-term rentals include:

  • Advertising and marketing your home on various websites and within the Local Real Estate community.

  • Booking and rental reservations.

  • Cleaning Services: Housekeepers assist in keeping properties stocked with the basics (toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, etc…) They also will report any noticeable damage.

  • Meet vacationers at check-in, typically within the first 24 hours.

Contact point for vacationers during and leading up to their stay.


  • The fee for 1-month vacation rentals is 15% of the gross rental income from each participating property, and is invoiced each month.

  • The fee for a vacation rental lasting 30-90 days is 10% of the gross rental income from each participating property, and is invoiced each month.

WE DO NOT NOT operate a trust account. Payments are made directly to the owner and cleaning service by the Tenants.

Any rental booked for less than a month is subject to City/County of Santa Barbara Transient Occupancy Tax (10-12%) IF homes zoning allows for short term, less than 30 day bookings. The Property Owner will be responsible in researching the rules and regulations of the CITY/COUNTY. MontecitoRental a website ran by Crysta Metzger of Coldwell Banker Realty to showcase available leases. In NO WAY are we responsible for collecting or maintaining any monies incurred by this tax.


Many of our Estate owners already have longstanding relationships with maintenance providers who know their homes inside and out. We work with our owners to create a house book with all vendor contacts that have successfully been involved in the upkeep of the home so the Tenant has a go-to list if any issues come up during the Tenancy. If a more hands-on approach is needed,  my partner & Husband Bill Blackwell is very successful at bridging the gap between property owners and tenants during times of unexpected maintenance and repair.  He is a licensed General Contractor, Electrician, and Plumber. Bill understands the function of every unique component of your home and its importance in the successful operation of your home as a complete system.  Bill will ensure any necessary work (whether completed by himself, or by an additional licensed contractor) is completed to meet industry standards, and of course the standards of the homeowner.

Please inquire about how to schedule a meeting with Bill to answer any questions, and prepare a plan for the maintenance and repair issues that may arise during the term of your lease agreement.